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Buki creates a safe space as a coach where I felt free to offload my heart to her. Buki helps and probes me with questions that enable me to explore and dig deeper to understand the root and genesis of the challenges I raise with her. Since starting coaching with Buki I have been able to make sense of the challenges and barriers I have experienced in my life. After recognising the issues, Buki has  helped me find practical solutions and learn how to change the negative narratives I have been using all my life until now. I always leave our sessions feeling lighter and more positive. I always look forward to our session as I know that no matter what challenges I've faced, I know she will support and help me find practical solutions to deal with them.

Abi A, EYFS Professional

This is not coaching that gets you jumping up and down or pumps you up. This one confronted my fears. I unpacked a huge baggage I had subconsciously carried around for so long and I didn’t know was limiting me. Thank you so much for that liberating session. 

Funmi A, Business Consultant

My session with Buki was filled with thought provoking questions that challenged me to dig deeper. She carefully listened and helped identify the root causes of the issues I was experiencing, which allowed me to address them individually. I have seen marked improvement and received positive feedback from others.
Thank you!

Busayo O, Investment Banker

Our sessions consisted of conversations and questions that challenged the thought processes that I had been stuck with most of my life. Sessions were a breath of fresh air and incredibly thought-provoking. Her weekly check in messages made me realise that she was not only committed to the coaching sessions, but she was also committed to me the individual. 

Feyi O, Fashion Buyer

I was overwhelmed from combining a full time job with being a mom. I liked what I did when I started out but no longer found it exciting and it had just become a routine. This was where I was when I had a coaching session with Buki. The session with her challenged me to think differently - to spot opportunities within my workplace, fill them and create my own job. Buki also challenged me to work on my confidence. To think she was able to pick these all up over the phone marveled me. Buki is very practical. I left the session with practical steps I started working on immediately. After the session with her, I moved from powerless to empowered. I will recommend her over and again.

Mercy D, Office manager

Testimonials: Testimonials


I was looking for coaching to help me become a more influential leader in the areas where I lead. My coaching conversation with Buki went in a direction I was not expecting. It helped me understand and challenge some deep-rooted beliefs about myself which were not positive and probably hindering my ability to influence. I am now a more confident leader. I highly recommend Buki as a coach especially for those who are ambitious and seeking to go far in their career. Many professionals do not realise coaching could be helpful to them. I didn’t until I had a conversation with Buki.

Enoch A, FCCA, Founder of Black Professionals Scotland and Co-Founder of VisitNigeriaNow

I was at a crossroad thinking about my career, work life balance and personal aspirations. Covid-19 amplified the situation and the job insecurity that followed placed some significant but good pressure on me to re-evaluate my priorities. Buki is someone I have worked with in the past and found to be trustworthy so it made sense to have a coaching conversation with her to support me in my predicament. The biggest gain I got from our coaching conversation was clarity on the way forward and in identifying the priorities I needed to focus on at this particular time. Buki’s coaching style was very warm and thorough and really provided me with a safe space to open up and uncover the root of the issues I was grappling with so I could begin to address it. I highly recommend Buki as a coach. One stands to gain everything from having a conversation with her. The best part for me was being able to untangle all that was going on for me and get to the root of matters.

Alikhan M, Big 4 Tax director

I started talking to Buki at a really critical time in my life where there were so many things I felt were going wrong. I truly believe she was a Godsend because I would not have been able to make the amount of progress that I have without her. Within a short period of time - just a couple of months really - I uncovered a lot of subconscious beliefs and views that I believe were the root causes of the issues that I was facing. What I appreciate the most about Buki is how she guides you to uncover for yourself issues that are unclear to you as opposed to just telling you what she thinks and what to do to solve the problem. Buki is also a very patient and understanding person -  she provided a safe space to allow me speak freely and without fear of judgement. She is highly skilled at what she does and is also very open to feedback which makes her even better. I am very happy to have her as my coach.

Tomi O, Management Consultant

Buki has really helped to bring out the best in me. Her coaching has raised my awareness of what's going on inside me, brought various life issues to the surface and enable me to evolve into a better version of myself. My coaching sessions have positively impacted my career and relationships. I have been able to identify areas where I need to do things differently and had Buki guide me through the actions I needed to take to change the outcomes I was seeing.

Gabrielle O, Snr Physiotherapist

My goal for seeking a Coach was to work on my confidence. Buki asked powerful questions which brought up underlying issues affecting my confidence that I was previously unaware of. Buki helped me to see clearly where most of my insecurities originated from. This new found knowledge empowered me to change my approach in situations. I have utilised the tools Buki shared with me and there is a noticeable positive difference in the way I engage and interact with my colleagues now.  Buki was phenomenal and exceeded my expectations. It was truly a worthwhile experience.”

Vivian O, Big 4 Auditor

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