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Being a senior-level professional or executive is hard work.  You already know that because you're living it. You have a lot to juggle – the demands of your team, stakeholders, your well-being and other personal responsibilities.

On top of that,  you’re driven, ambitious and you know there’s more to reach for in your career, but you also know that you have areas to work on to make it happen.


Working life could also be extra hard if you have a background, culture or way of being that's different to the norm in your work environment or career field - this was my experience in my corporate career. 


Being "different" could bring with it unique personal and external challenges that must be navigated wisely so your difference becomes an advanatge and not an obstacle in achieveing your work goals and career desires.  

I have the executive coach training to support you in realising your professional desires. Beyond that, I have the experience, insights, and tools to share with you to fast-track the realisation of the impact and success you desire in your career.



My mission is to help career professionals and leaders through executive coaching to bring their best self to their role, do their best work, and feel satisfied with their professional life.


I think money is the least valuable benefit we get from working. I believe what's most important is to find satisfaction, personal growth, and ultimately fulfilment through our work. All of these can happen when we  are able to be our best self and are positioned to do our best work. My work as an Executive Coach allows me to help cients achieve this. 


I’m a certified coach with several coach trainers and most notably with the Maxwell Leadership Team and Positive Intelligence Inc where I am approved to share these organisation’s world-class materials on leadership, personal growth and career success.

But I am more than a highly trained and experienced coach.

One of the benefits I bring to you is my diverse professional training and experience.


I am a UK trained Chartered Accountant (CA) and a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA).


I worked with several global leading organisations throughout my corporate career which spanned 15 years. I have vast experience in managing teams, working with and serving senior leaders. I am well versed in working across different cultures having worked in diverse and multi-jurisdictional teams throughout my career.

Now, as an Executive coach, I work with senior-level professionals & executives across the globe to overcome challenges, elevate their impact and excel in their role so that they realise their career desires.

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