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"I reached out to Buki after noticing that I was experiencing anxiety at work, which was impacting my ability to perform to my full potential. I found the coaching experience truly refreshing and enlightening and I gained a much better understanding of myself and why I was experiencing the anxiety. Most importantly, I developed solutions to overcome the anxiety. I highly recommend coaching with Buki."

Francis,  Legal Director, England

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"My coaching conversation with Buki went in a direction I was not expecting. It helped me understand and challenge some deep-rooted beliefs about myself which were hindering my ability to influence. I am now a more confident leader. I highly recommend Buki as a coach especially for those who are ambitious and seeking to go far in their career."

Enoch Adeyemi,

Accountant & Founder of Black Professionals Scotland, Scotland

"I was at a crossroad thinking about my career, work/life balance and personal aspirations. Buki’s coaching style was very warm and thorough and really provided me with a safe space to open up and uncover the root of the issues I was grappling with so I could begin to address it. I highly recommend Buki as a coach."


Tax Director, Australia

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​"Buki's ability to understand my mindset and how this could affect performance and motivation at work has to be the best part of our coaching sessions. Our background/ upbringing influences, who we are and how we see the world; having someone that understands that and with the personal experience of being in the corporate world really makes all the difference. I highly recommend Buki’s services."

Emmanuel Abiona,

Programme Planner, Sweden

"I reached out to Buki after starting my first international role and wanted a coach who could help me thrive in that role, and beyond that, help me find fulfilment in my professional life.  Through our work together, I discovered a bigger why for my career pursuits and started to bring to life some of my innermost desires for my professional life. I gained practical and fresh insights to move me forward professionally. I was very pleased that it was beyond the cliches and textbook career success ideas. Amina M, Regional Finance Manager, Dubai

"Buki takes a methodological approach to identify the areas to adjust and provided me with psychological and self-observation tools, and healthy challenge to do so. I became more aware of the narratives I tell myself. She is an incredibly astute, intuitive and intelligent coach: she created a safe, open environment in which trust was cultivated and honest discussions could be had."


Busola Taiwo,

Compliance & Legal Officer, Luxembourg

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"Through working with Buki, I came to the realisation that I hadn’t been in charge of my career enough and had been more of a passenger than I was aware of. The experience felt like a light going on in my head - I was able to see my way out of the situation I was in and what I needed to do move forward. I highly recommend Buki as a coach, especially if you need to get out of your head and chart a career plan and path for yourself."

Tetiwe Moyo,

Transfer Pricing Economist, Zambia 

"My biggest shifts from coaching have been expanding my mind on what’s possible for me and in my career, understanding how I get in my own way, and learning how to position myself to reach the desired level in my career. What previously seemed hard to reach now looks possible. I have renewed confidence, self-belief, and have excellent coaching notes to come back to in shaky times or when feeling tested. 


Seyi A, VP, Investment Bankject Lead,


"I engaged Buki’s services as I was starting to think and plan for taking my business to the next level, and felt that I needed strategies to ensure that I was putting my best foot forward. Buki’s understanding of the human mind is quite simply unrivalled, and she helped me approach this from a different angle and perspective. She got me to focus on who I needed to be to reach my goals. I now have more clarity, for which I am grateful to Buki."


Taka Mbedzi,

Wealth Planner, Scotland

"Buki is refreshingly incisive. Within 15 minutes of my session with her, Buki diagnosed the root cause of the main issue I was having in my career. The value added in one session alone was unreal. She is superb at coaching and I highly recommend her services. Thank you Buki for getting me unstuck and for re-positioning me to excel in my career."

Chinedu Uhiara,

Senior Counsel, England

"There were many great parts about coaching with Buki. Working with her opened my eyes to see myself and value my accomplishments in ways I’d not done before, and she helped me to identify new behaviours to replace the limiting ones. She was very patient, generous and highly focussed on helping me get the results I was after."

Abi Deinkoru,

Oil & Gas Engineering Team Lead, Nigeria

"I needed guidance to help me with my next move and that was when I reached out and had the pleasure to work with Buki. Her coaching allowed me to look beyond my own barriers and limitations when it came to the way I viewed my career. She gave me many helpful tips and recommendations as well as personal development materials. Buki is a top-notch expert in executive career support and I heartily recommend her."

Alunga Kalawe,

Compliance Manager,


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"Buki delivered a thought provoking session to our senior leaders earlier this month. Our leaders found the session helpful and Buki an excellent presenter, making her points very effectively, which prompted good discussion."


Carol Breckenridge,

D&I Consultant, Tesco Bank

Buki led a thought-provoking session with our senior leaders on creating an inclusive workplace culture and one which supports careers of black professionals. We came away with actionable strategies and new insights into how mindset, everyday behaviours and speaking up are key. Thank you Buki - great session!

Jennifer Mair,

COO at Martin Currie

"Creating safe spaces to explore conversations around race is critical to creating real change. Buki has been instrumental in helping me explore from all angles why we need to have these conversations and how to do this work as an individual, a coach and a leader. I highly recommend Buki for your Executive & Leadership Teams – she is a fiercely kind but direct & challenging coach that will help you and your team transform."

Jacqueline Arnold, 

C-suite Coach, Canada

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"The session was invaluable as a tool for a white leadership group to gain insight into the lived experience of black professionals, the challenges they may face in their careers and, perhaps most importantly, the measures that can be put in place to make sure black professionals are afforded the same opportunities as their peers. Some of the suggestions Buki made will be integrated into our D&I strategy going forward."


Alex Allen,

Head of Public Practice

Buki’s approach to facilitating a coaching discussion with senior leaders was insightful and thought provoking. A great investment in time for exploring, reflecting and most importantly ensuring actions will help to achieve our desired outcomes. Thank you. 


Alison Macdonald

Risk Director, Lloyds Banking Group

"I had the pleasure of inviting Buki as a guest speaker to one of our employee networks for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues. She covered career progression, leadership accountability and how to effectuate anti-racism actions within the workplace. I received positive feedback from my colleagues on her presentation and will be inviting her back again."


Helen Choudhury,

Head of DEI

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"Buki’s workshop helped me gain clarity in terms of what my next steps should be and also gave me some valuable tools to start implementing those next steps. There is a confidence that comes from speaking to someone who has navigated these avenues before and can provide you with guidance and expertise based on real life experience."

Toby G,

Finance Manager, England

"The workshop was very engaging and provides a safe space for you to reflect and get practical advice.  Buki is very knowledgeable and was able to give attendees the tools to create their own action plans, with which they can continue working towards their goals. If you’re looking for change, this workshop is a great starting point - would highly recommend!"

Bonnie T,

IT Professional, England

"I attended Buki's career workshop and came away with so much clarity on what I wanted for my career in the next 12 months. She helped me see where I could be and identify blockers as well as ways to unblock myself in pursuit of better. I can only recommend her as a competent career coach who deeply understands the unique situation of African Professionals in diaspora. Thanks for your work, Buki!"

Kola A,

IT professional, Germany

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"I attended one of Buki’s workshops and it was a very insightful and informative occasion with lots of simple takeaways that are easy to apply and challenge oneself. Buki’s presentation was very clear and concise and very interactive, which added to the excellent workshop. I highly recommend Buki for coaching and for mentorship."


Adebayo Adesina,

Associate Director

I attended the Career Progression workshop and it genuinely exceeded my expectations. I found the tools and strategies to be effective in combating preconceived notions about where to focus my time and energy. A truly powerful session, tailored to the various individual personas and experiences in the workshop.

Syreata Sterling

Project Manager

"I attended a coaching session with Buki and she blew my mind with her insights, patience and empathy. I have now laid out a plan to continue my career advancement, thanks to Buki. I will continue to seek her coaching services as I continue in my career, and I recommend her services to anyone looking to grow their career."


Samuel Okoroafor,


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