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Specialised Coaching Programmes

Personal & Professional Empowerment

I offer coaching programmes ranging from 6 to 13 sessions which address specific areas of personal development. All the programmes include deep coaching sessions and exercises to help you achieve your goals and personal transformation. My coaching programmes are fully client centric so the sessions are customised to your specific circumstances and needs.  

I also provide general coaching sessions that are not part of a programme where we address a personal or professional matter that you want to change or experience differently.

Book a discovery call here to discuss your needs and find out how coaching can help you make progress and achieve your goals. 

Self discovery & management

Are you at a crossroad in life where you are confused, unsure of the path to take or simply feel that you are not showing up enough as your authentic self? This programme may just be what you need. 

It includes 6 one-to-one deep coaching sessions where I help you discover, explore and get in touch with your authentic self. You will end this programme with your self awareness and self knowledge heightened. You will feel reinvigorated, confident about who you are and ready to start your next chapter. 

Productivity & Time management

This is for people who are stressed, overwhelmed and not getting enough of the most important things in life done. Life is for enjoyment and productivity - both can happen when you set yourself up correctly for it.

Through 6 one-to-one deep coaching sessions and homework exercises, we will explore in detail your goals, commitments, priorities and the matters impacting your productivity. You will end this coaching programme with effective and personalised time management tools and processes that will deliver results for you and maximise your productivity. 

Renew you

This is a comprehensive coaching programme for people who are exhausted with the daily grind and need to press pause to - reconnect with themselves, important relationships in their lives and other things that matter to them. 

Through 12 coaching sessions,  personal exercises and homework, you will:

- take stock of where you are & where you want to go,

- identify & clear out clutter 

- receive tools & gain knowledge that will set you up for a brighter and happier future. 

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