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Hi, I'm Buki Ishola

Welcome to Citadel Coaching!

Are you an ambitious African Diaspora professional or an African professional working outside your home country?

Do you desire to be further along in your career than you currently are?

Do you feel frustrated about being overlooked for opportunities or perhaps not being confident enough to put yourself forward for career advancing opportunities?


Do you find yourself more self-conscious, anxious or quieter at work and this is impacting your career negatively?

Would you like to gain insights and tools that would increase your confidence, visibility and success at work?

I help ambitious African professionals to rise and progress in their careers. I help you address and overcome personal challenges like self doubt, imposter syndrome or other matters that may be hindering your ability to thrive in the market place. I also help you tackle team and wider corporate challenges that may be getting in your way of progressing. I'm passionate about enabling and empowering driven, ambitious and high performing individuals to rise and thrive in their careers. Let's talk if rising and progressing is currently a short term goal for you.

​​Find out more about my work here .

Why the name Citadel?

I named my coaching practice 'Citadel Coaching' because a Citadel is a secure and fortified structure - a place of safety and defense. It is my goal to create a safe and confidential space for you to share your challenges at work and access the tools to overcome these so that you can thrive at work, grow your career confidently and achieve your desired professional outcomes.

Results to Expect

Coaching is a tool for creating positive change and accelerating progress. Investing in personal coaching is investing to make your dreams, goals and aspirations come true faster and with less pain. Coaching has been said to be the most transformative process known to human kind.  Having me as your coach in your career journey will save you time and give you speed in what you want to achieve.

The results obtained from my one-on-one coaching include:


Clarity, Confidence and increased Capacity


You will gain greater clarity on the issues you bring to coaching and tackle the root causes so as to create effective solutions to it. 

You will identify and overcome hindrances to having high confidence


You will increase your capacity and be able to be and do more at work so you create better outcomes..


Achieve your specific goal for coaching 

I only accept to work with professionals who I am 100% certain that I can help.


You will walk away with tools and strategies to create the specific results you are after.


See below for some common areas I coach on or read about some of my client's experiences here


Greater Impact, Influence and Income

Our work together will focus on helping you progress from where you are.


You will increase your impact and influence with leaders, clients and other stakeholders. 

You will increase your earning potential and feel confident to ask and negotiate for your worth.  

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Where coaching helps

I provide one on one professional coaching on work performance and career matters such as: 


Navigating structural and environmental challenges like cultural matters, bias, unsupportive team/boss   


Achieving better work-life integration


Helping you achieve gold star performance at  job interviews, meetings and presentations​​​.


Leadership development and challenges with managing and leading teams


Preparing and positioning for career promotion and progression.

Navigating transitions successfully e.g. a promotion, role change, return to work after maternity leave, change in career or change in location


My goal for seeking a Coach was to work on my confidence. Buki asked powerful questions which brought up underlying issues affecting my confidence that I was previously unaware of. Buki helped me to see clearly where most of my insecurities originated from. This new found knowledge empowered me to change my approach in situations. I have utilised the tools Buki shared with me and there is a noticeable positive difference in the way I engage and interact with my colleagues now.  Buki was phenomenal and exceeded my expectations. It was truly a worthwhile experience.

Vivian O, Big 4 Auditor

How to work with me

The first step is to connect. Please follow one of the options below.

Send me a message here or email me at to express your interest in having me support you to overcome a challenge/ achieve a goal. I shall respond and we would take it from there.

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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